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Vacant property protection: Choice opts for an Ajax solution…

Ajax technology and vacant property spaceInnovative wireless/mobile technology secures vulnerable spaces

The security and fire protection of vacant property spaces from vandalism, squatting – or those with more serious criminal intent towards adjacent businesses or residents – presents particular issues when power but no wired phoneline/internet connection is available at the locations.

Mobile phone-based alarm technology and signalling is, of course, the solution to this. But many currently available systems tended to be add-ons developed to interface with existing, wired technologies and, as such, were prone to set-up complexity and performance reliability issues. However, Choice has recently commenced successful protection of vacant property via installation of purpose-designed wireless systems from innovative Ukranian technology business Ajax Systems.

An Ajax ‘Hub’ (effectively the security system’s control panel – shown bottom right) is at the centre of each on-site system and is the only item requiring mains power. Rated EN50131 Grade 2 – the highest rating available for wireless intruder alarms – the dual-4G SIM equipped Hub comes ready to activate and contains its own internal battery back-up. Configuration and control of the keypad-less Hub is via highly user-friendly mobile or desktop Ajax apps. Wireless keyfobs can be used by those who only need to activate or deactivate the alarm. The use of these systems extends beyond purely vacant property applications.

A range of wireless Ajax devices can be connected to the Hub to provide security, fire and, latterly, water leak/water supply turn-off capabilities (shown top right). A PIR intruder detector (shown beside Hub), for example, incorporates a camera capable of sending 3 still images on alarm to assist with verification. Fire detectors are available with 3-in-1 (temperature, smoke and CO) sensing capabilities. Wireless callpoints, panic alarms and sirens are further add-on options and unextended Hub capacity is 64 devices.

In the case of this vacant property project; alarms, visual verification and status communications from the Hub are routed to Choice’s preferred monitoring services partner, Scutum, along with the client’s authorised users.

Ajax Systems was created in the Ukraine in 2011, however the company has a resilient, international trading base (

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