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Time to rejuvenate your CCTV investment!

If you are looking for improved performance (particularly for identification and evidence gathering purposes) from an existing CCTV surveillance investment which may seem outdated but you don’t necessarily have the budget resources to replace all existing installation elements, particularly cabling, then add-ons could be the answer. Choice has been working increasingly with two particular CCTV solutions that can help.

HD-TVI : ‘turbo’ high definition CCTV over existing coaxial cable

HD TVI hardware
Hikvision has emerged as one of the leading HD-TVI equipment manufacturers.

This technology enhancement – available in a number of CCTV camera ranges and digital video recorders (DVRs) – allows existing analogue/coaxial cable infrastructures to transmit images of digital/high definition quality (up to 1080pixels) at up to 30 frames/second. This is a quadrupling of the image quality that analogue is capable of and it can be achieved over much longer cable distances. HD-TVI delivers highly detailed (‘broadcast quality’) images on the largest of flat screen monitors and for evidential prints.

Milestone Systems – scaleable CCTV management technology

This digital ‘open system’ CCTV management technology has the capability to evolve from providing a self-contained single-site solution to unifying and providing consistent, standardised control of multi-site systems across the largest of businesses. It is compatible with an extensive range of well-known CCTV and other security hardware brands.

Milestone logoMilestone’s capabilities include system set-up, real-time surveillance, recording, alarm/event management, evidence packaging and integration with access control and other complementary disciplines.

Choice has worked recently on UK Milestone installations for a major global, blue chip brand. We hope to be able to reveal more soon.

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