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Thermal imaging CCTV adds value to Security Fog/Smoke applications

Therma camera fog imageIncreased Security and Health & Safety advantages

While the body temperature-measuring capabilities of thermal imaging CCTV have come to the fore in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, this CCTV technology has other uses, including its ability to ‘see’ and capture body images in fog- and smoke-filled environments. See our short (18s) test video below.

Security fogging systems are increasingly used, among others, by retailers to protect high value goods and by banks to help secure ATM lobbies. Choice has been investigating the increased levels of security and health & safety value that can be obtained by adding thermal CCTV in fog scenarios.

Thermal cameras can help to determine human presence where there may be doubt in a false alarm event or where the deterrent effect of the fog means that nothing is actually stolen during a break-in or raid. Recordings may have evidential, even identification, value in prosecution situations, as well as for insurance purposes. Where real-time monitoring is being carried out, in combination with an on-site public address system it is possible to guide staff and visitors to safety in the disconcerting scenario of being present during a security fog release. These systems also have application as part of exterior/perimeter security systems at locations prone to foggy or misty conditions.

‘Bi-spectral’ camera models combine both normal video and thermal image viewing within the same unit. They can deliver both images simultaneously or be configured to switch to thermal mode when a fog system is triggered. The camera technology is a product from the leading, global CCTV specialist Hikvision, with whom Choice is a value added systems partner.

Please contact us if you have specific applications where this technology may be of value.

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