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Intruder Detection & Alarm Systems

Choice undertakes the design, installation and maintenance of electronic intruder alarm systems in accordance with best professional practice and in accordance with stated customer requirements and any insurance obligations that may be prevalent.

Intruder detector imageOur knowledge of risk profiles and the best way to combine the extensive choice of intruder detection sensors available with the most appropriate control panel will ensure your system is optimised to match your circumstances. Being independent we can choose from the best, most reliable equipment available. We are approved installers for alarm systems including:

  • Honeywell
  • Galaxy
  • Europlex

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Intruder alarms can act as a deterrent and detect the earliest possible intrusion at exterior perimeter and interior locations. Additionally, burglar alarm systems that are connected to a recommended third-party Alarm Receiving Centre will ensure that, out-of-hours, key holders are informed and the police are called to the property when an alarm incident occurs.

Intruder Alarm Signalling

Choice Security intruder detection and alarm systems can use dual-path Internet Protocol (IP) signalling solutions, an area where we have particular in-depth expertise. Signalling systems come from a range of preferred suppliers, including:

Emizon Dual Path Signalling
CSL Dual Com
Redcare Signalling

A key benefit of IP signalling over existing broadband, as opposed to dedicated telephonic connections, is lower costs.

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