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Security Fog Systems

If an intruder breaks into your premises a security fog system (‘smoke’ machine) will help protect your assets without damaging them. Detection sensors trigger release of a high-density cloud that can fill a room space within seconds, reducing visibility to virtually zero.Fog Bandit warning sign

Choice Security recommends Fog Bandit as the fastest and highest density security fogging system of its kind. The security fog is completely harmless to people and animals and is safe to use in any environment.

Fog Bandit delivers its ultra-dense fog to provide the very highest levels of protection against the losses and property damage associated with raids and burglaries. Once traditional security defences are breached Fog Bandit rapidly releases jets of visually impenetrable fog that inhibits intruders from progressing through premises and masks valuable assets.

A Fog Bandit can provide 24/7 protection. The surprise and shock value of its activation also deters and foils daytime robberies.

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