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CCTV Systems

CCTV surveillance, usually employing cameras alongside some form of image recording system (and possibly manually monitored, on- or off-site, in real time) is now an essential part of most security systems. As an NSI-certified specialist Choice provides CCTV security system design, installation, maintenance and 24/7 technical support.

CCTV camera cluster imageA CCTV security system should ideally have deterrent and surveillance value (overseeing assets in addition to detecting criminality), as well as ideally capturing video evidence of sufficient quality to allow identification and successful prosecution of criminals. It may perform as part of additional functions such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) for ID and access control purposes.

Choice can support you by providing cost-effective CCTV systems to suit requirements and budget. We have the expertise to guide customers through the ever-expanding array of CCTV technology that currently includes: analogue CCTV, digital CCTV, High Definition (HD) CCTV, Internet Protocol (IP) and thermographic CCTV (thermal CCTV) variants, along with associated transmission, recording, monitoring, control and security lighting considerations.

Traditional, analogue CCTV cameras are rapidly diminishing in relevance as digital CCTV options predominate in delivery of price, quality and convenience advantages. Analogue CCTV remains an option where a low price for basic surveillance all that is required.

Choice’s high definition CCTV provides live and recorded CCTV pictures in unparalleled detailCCTV control room image providing the security industry’s best image quality and the finest captured evidence available. The benefits of HD CCTV include optimised facial recognition, ANPR, detailed verification of incidents, intelligent motion detection and even stock control monitoring.

Choice is an approved installer for Avigilon High Definition CCTV surveillance systems. Avigilon HD CCTV systems installed by Choice can help protect and monitor a variety of locations including stadiums, retail environments, casinos, critical infrastructure and transport hubs.

Network video management software and high megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality. Avigilon HD CCTV components can work together in a scalable, integrated solution and alongside existing systems to enhance their current capabilities.

Remote cctv system monitoring optionsIP CCTV cameras transmit video (and possibly audio) data over a network or internet connection, either wired or wireless. This makes installing IP CCTV security systems relatively simple, causing less disruption, reducing the time/cost required to install them and minimizing unsightly cabling. Secure by Default logoIP integration via mobile phone networks now brings real time, remote monitoring directly into the hands of owners and managers of property and businesses via a range of apps. It’s important to choose products and a CCTV specialist that can minimise network systems risk from cyber security vulnerabilities. The government’s  Secure by Default scheme assists with this. Read more here.

Most CCTV security systems fall under the requirements for compliance with relevant aspects of the Data Protection Act. Choice can assist with advice and support for CCTV signage, compliance issues and best practice.


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