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Protecting Retail Sites

High steet retailing imageLarge or small, located in a high street outlet, superstore or a unit in a multi-tenanted shopping centre, Retailers have to focus on protection of premises, stock and other assets, staff and customers. Fire systems may be taken care of in a multi-tenant location, but otherwise fire systems and security systems and practices have a high priority.

Choice is very aware of the importance of cost control as a driver of the security approaches of retailers. In addition to the provision of reliable CCTV, access control and intruder alarm technologies/brands, the ability to minimise the need for engineering manpower to visit retailer sites can have significant cost savings, particularly for multi-site businesses. To this end Choice has developed a wide expertise in remote support capabilities:

  • Remote maintenance facilities in accordance with industry requirement DD 263:2010 have been successfully implemented by Choice, resulting in ongoing revenue savings for customers.
  • Additionally, Choice can deploy 24/7 remote diagnostics capabilities – using a combination of suitably enabled security control panels and dual path signalling technology over the client’s own network – resulting in both the reduction of line rental costs and elimination of a significant cause of false activations. Subsequently, this reduces the need for unnecessary engineer visits to protected sites.
  • CCTV service provision can be combined with Choice’s remote CCTV evidence downloading facility. This gives Choice the ability to remotely dial in to all the sites within a property estate from head office and to download incidents and evidence, which is saved into an appropriate media format for use by the relevant authorities.

Jewellery imageWe have gained significant expertise in the specialist provision of security fog systems that find particular use by retailers specialising in sales of small, high value products, such as jewellery and high-tech devices.

The growth of wireless surveillance technology and the combination of IP systems with wireless mobile networks has brought remote CCTV system monitoring to desktops, laptops and, now, tablets and smart phones. The ability to view a set of cameras in a shop in real time on a smart phone, particularly for the owner or manager of a small chain of outlets, is proving to be a valuable tool for keeping a daily eye on business operations, as well as helping to protect the assets in those premises.


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