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Protecting Private Residences

Private residenceChoice has considerable experience in protecting the residences and other assets of high net worth individuals, their families and staff. We also have experience of working with developers who are creating exclusive, high-end residential new-build developments.

We can design, install, monitor and provide ongoing support for a range of integrated technologies that can be combined in a way that is appropriate to each specific set of customer circumstances.

Systems which may be involved to protect people and assets inside property, in estates/garages/gardens/grounds and around perimeters include, but are not limited to:

  • CCTV surveillance/recording
  • Personal and vehicle access control, including door entry,
    number plate recognition, auto-gates etc
  • Intruder detection and alarm systems
  • Fire detection and alarm systems

Our design and installation teams are experienced in having special regard for design aesthetics and respecting valuable architectural features, works of art etc. IP/wireless security systems and fire systems technology can be highly beneficial in this respect – subject to risk assessment and subsequent insurer approval, where necessary.

Additionally, an increasing range of domestic control apps for smart phones, tablets and PCs allow remote control and monitoring of security systems and CCTV cameras, and bring their integration into home automation systems as part of the rapidly evolving ‘internet of things’. See our Dec 2014 blog.

Smart house control appOur high-end residential security systems use point ID technology, which means that each individual camera, detection device or access point reports directly – and can be interrogated and controlled directly.

Choice provides high reliability and highly customisable, high-end domestic security solutions for high net worth individuals.

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