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Protecting Heritage Sites

Heritage building exteriorThe condition and importance of the structure of heritage locations, and, often, the value and fragility of the assets contained within, calls for great sensitivity and high levels of specialist expertise in the design and deployment of fire and security protection solutions. Choice is able to demonstrate considerable accumulated experience in working at such sites.

Design of systems usually requires the necessary components (detector sensors, cctv cameras etc) to be as unobtrusive as possible and blend well within decors, where they cannot be completely concealed. A wide knowledge of specialist components available, and the options that can be taken to have these items customised to blend, is one aspect which elevates Choice above many installers. Equally important is a skilled installation workforce with a high level of understanding of how to fit components with minimal disruption and appropriate respect and care for the fabric of these sites.

Heritage building interiorPerhaps most important though, is the increasing opportunity to use wireless fire protection and wireless security protection techniques, wherever possible (subject to risk assessment and subsequent insurer approval). The growth in radio-based technologies has been a major boost to the protection of a heritage site. The removal of the need for surface (albeit conduited) wiring, and, perhaps even more, the need to channel or otherwise break into the walls and other fabric, to protect a heritage site has become a growing reality as fire and security systems have developed wireless/IP variants.



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