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There are many aspects of fire and security protection practice that are common to most of the sites and organisations that Choice helps to protect. However – as most fire, security and facilities and estates managers will recognise – there are also differences and specialities that reflect the specific nature of risk in any particular sector (and even in individual organisations).

Our expertise in working across a range of sectors and understanding how specific risks can be guarded against, by correct choice of technology and appropriate system design, is a vital element in what sets us apart to our customers.

It can also be useful, on occasions, to be able to cross-apply a technique developed for one sector to another when changing circumstances demand it. Our senior management team’s particular in-depth experience in banking and finance, generally considered to be a leading sector in terms of ‘high security’ needs, has considerable cross-application value in a world where the local effects of international uncertainties pose an increasing threat.

We currently consider the following sector breakdown as a useful way to introduce the scope of our operations:

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