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Intelligent CCTV intruder detection protects Elizabethan manor house

virtual box illustration
Virtual ‘trip-wire’ box defined on garden path

Choice has installed the latest intelligent, cctv-based intruder alarm system using DeepinMind technology from Hikvision at a Grade II-listed Elizabethan manor house in south-east England. Within its walled garden the privately-owned property is protected by a perimeter ring of cctv cameras.

The cameras act as motion detectors and the system can trigger, record and communicate an alarm based on the size, shape and direction of objects/intruders which enter the field of vision. Crucial to the specification of the system was its ability to accurately identify human intruders while filtering out a potentially very high level of false alarms caused by animals (deer, foxes, rabbits, birds) and even wind-blown trees and shrubs. Choice says the system is achieving this aim with ease.

Hikvision Bullet camera

The nine DarkFighter cameras – so-called because of their exceptional night, as well as daylight, colour vision – have a range of on-board intelligent capabilities. These include the ability to set virtual ‘trip-wire’ lines or box zones within the viewed area and define the size, shape and direction of any object entering, leaving or crossing the virtual markers which constitutes an alarm situation.

The IP networked cameras are hard-wired to a Hikvision NVR (Network Video Recorder). Programming of each camera takes place at the NVR and from here recordings are stored and communicated onwards to designated key-holder response units. An initial jpeg image of an alarm incident is sent to the smartphones or tablets of key-holders who then have immediate remote access to a two-minute incident video. As an ancillary function Choice has connected an intruder alarm panel to the NVR to add an on-site siren alert/deterrent capability.

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