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False Alarm Management

Unwanted fire signals (false alarms) have long been a major concern for fire and rescue services and a longstanding problem for businesses.

Changes in response policies to automatic fire alarms by fire services in England over the last few years have highlighted this issue. False alarms are a huge drain on both financial resources and time. It is estimated that false alarms cost the UK in excess of £1bn each year.

False alarms must be eradicated! We are passionate about helping to eliminate them.

Most fire alarm and detection systems don’t cause false alarms – mismanagement does! This brings unwanted costs in the form of:

  • Lost production
  • Disruption due to staff evacuation
  • Unnecessary release of retained fire extinguishants
  • Possible future charging for attendance by fire and rescue services
  • Increased insurance premiums

Modern, properly maintained systems rarely suffer technical malfunctions.

Choice can help you manage your fire alarm system and offer advice on how to reduce false alarms by conducting a review and audit of your current system.

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