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Lease rental of fire and security systems can be a good way to finance a new system or an upgrade. Because it is based on a fixed, usually monthly, cost over the life of the system (and often including ongoing maintenance support) it can allow a business to act faster to put a new system in place than following the usual internal budget processes involved for a large capital expenditure. This may also mean that a better, higher specification system can be afforded.

Choice has a leasing partner, Chelsea Vale, based in Oxford, which specialises in financing for the systems and equipment markets in which we operate: 

Along with high visibility and fixed costs come tax benefits and inflation-proofing.

A Single, Regular Repayment

Your entire fire and security systems and support functions programme can be taken care of within one regular repayment.

Minimal Initial Outlay

No deposit is required. Regular direct debit repayments take place during the term of the lease agreement.

Fixed Payments Are Interest Rate- and Inflation-Proof

Payments made over the period of rental are not subject to interest rate changes or inflationary effects.

Tax Benefit

Payments in any year can be fully offset against taxable profits for that year.

Upgrade & Add

Adding to or enhancing a system, or the associated Choice service and support, during the rental period can be incorporated through the term of a lease rental. This can bring a reduction in the need to wait for new budget allocations before upgrading and other additional spends.

System Life

Fire and security technologies – along with your organisation’s needs – are always evolving and advancing. Lease rental can remove or minimise equipment disposal issues and incorporate scheduled system upgrades and component replacements within your systems management programme.

Avoid Working Capital Degradation

Lease payments do not disturb the lines of credit (bank facilities etc) and other capital resources that company’s usually use to fund business development and other core operations.


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