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Budget 2021 schemes embrace Security and Fire Systems investment

construction site imageAct and plan now to benefit from Chancellor’s announcements

In his 27 October 2021 budget and spending review Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced some changes of benefit to businesses and other organisations with respect to procuring and upgrading security and fire systems.

Businesses  – Museums & Galleries – Sports & Youth Clubs

A business rates relief scheme will operate for 12 months from 2023, whereby improvements and expansions to premises – including security installations – will not incur additional business rate increases.

In addition the Chancellor announced that £800m will be made available to museums and galleries to upgrade and renovate buildings, and £760m will be given to sports and youth clubs for the funding of new buildings and sports pitches.

“These changes offer useful opportunities to provide improved security and protection for personnel and building fabric as we move closer to normality following the pandemic,” said Choice Fire & Security Solutions Director Barry Critchell. “Now is the time for the businesses and other organisations that can take advantage of these schemes to start consulting and considering their options.”

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