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Act Now if your Fire & Security Signalling Doesn’t Comply with BT’s Update Project!

Security signalling deadline imageSignalling technology must be All IP-compliant

During 2020 British Telecommunications has begun vigorously pursuing its goal to convert its entire traditional UK public telephone (PSTN) network to an internet protocol (IP) based system – known as the All IP project – by 2025. This process has important consequences for businesses and homes which use telephone network-based monitoring of security (intruder alarm/access control/CCTV) and fire alarm systems connected to alarm receiving centres. Some customers may recognise they are involved with this process because they have a BT classification as receiving Special Services via their phone lines.

While telephone-based monitoring systems installed in recent years are compatible with the new IP requirements, there are still many older systems in place that require upgrade modification or replacement to be able to operate using BT’s new telephone infrastructure. This affects not only traditional PSTN based monitoring but also communication systems that make use of the, now outdated, 2G and 3G wireless mobile protocols (including combined ‘dual path’ systems).

Choice’s secure signalling expertise can help you

Choice has identified and prioritised contract customers who require system updates. We are in the process of ensuring these monitoring communication systems are compliant well before BT’s changes occur.

If your system uses PSTN, 2G or 3G for its signalling capability, then we can upgrade your signalling to the latest DualCom Pro Range security signalling platforms designed specifically to provide an IP or GPRS solution for secure monitoring. It is dual path by using both wireless technology and the on-site broadband connection or alternatively GPRS + GPRS to provide dual path signalling. It is also 21CN compatible and will work on any standard broadband service, providing a future-proof service. With these combinations in place the DualCom Pro Range is fast becoming the chosen solution for many businesses, particularly for upgrades.

If you are not a Choice contract customer we are happy to advise further if you care to make contact via our website e-form, email: or phone: 0345 6182751.

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