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Choice Environmental Management System graphicEnvironment Matters

As part of our commitment to reducing the company’s impact on the environment, Choice has developed and implements, on an ongoing basis, an Environmental Management System which uses the relevant international ISO14001 standard as its framework.

In broad terms the Environmental Management System (EMS) is intended to allow us to achieve three key environmentally-related goals:

1. To progressively enhance the company’s environmental performance through protecting of the environment and reducing environmental impact.
2. To ensure compliance with obligations concerning any potential effect of environmental conditions.
3. To act as a control process over the way the company sets and achieves environmental objectives.

Carbon Neutral Certified logoTo this end, the company has recently (Feb 2023) achieved, with the assistance of environmental consultancy Positive Planet, a key goal within the environmental programme: Carbon Neutral Status. This follows from a process of identifying and measuring the company’s carbon emissions, making changes across the business to reduce those emissions as far as possible, and then offsetting the emissions that cannot at this time be eliminated.
Visit our Positive Planet Environmental Dashboard.

The processes determined within our EMS are developed to address the following dimensions of the company’s operations:

Environmental factors graphic1. Supplier, manufacturer, internal and external issues.
2. Material, resource and energy usage.
3. Waste and emissions generation.
4. Design, operation, production and logistics.
5. Activities, products, and services.
6. Customers and end-users.

As this list makes clear, our ability to make a positive impact environmentally inevitably involves our inter-relationships with key stakeholders; principally customers, suppliers and end-users. To this end we seek and welcome relevant cooperation at all times.

A copy of our Environmental Management System policy is available on request.

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