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BAFE SP203 – Part 1

This British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) organisation scheme has been developed for the third party certification of companies, such as Choice, involved in fire detection and fire alarm systems and seeking to demonstrate the importance of providing compliant systems while at the same time minimising false alarms. The four modules are:- System Design, Installation, Commissioning and Handover/Maintenance. A company only gains BAFE registration for the modules in which it is competent to work.

BAFE’s scheme objective is to provide a means by which fire protection system users and regulatory authorities can be confident that the companies providing fire alarm systems, have processes in place to effectively undertake such activities within their defined scope of work. The scheme document specifies conditions to be met by certificated organisations, including the requirement that where a company has additional operational offices, each office must meet the standards of SP203-1 to be eligible for certification and is separately listed.

The modular scheme was written and developed by stakeholders from all quarters of the industry, chaired by an international fire risk professional and was officially launched in July 2002.

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