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East Sussex College Group

New Access Control Installations at Eastbourne & Lewes

ESCG Speedlanes image
One of the Speedlane installations at Lewes

Building on its successful security access control and fire systems relationship with East Sussex College Hastings, Choice has extended the access control solution it provides to Eastbourne and Lewes college sites which now form, with Hastings, part of the East Sussex College Group (ESCG). This was created in 2018 and provides a vast array of academic, technical and professional education and training opportunities for young people (16+), adults and employers.

IP-based Access Control
The differing nature of the locations at Eastbourne and Lewes called for two different approaches to ‘green field’ installations of Plan IP-based access control which are integrated with the existing system in Hastings where overall audit/access control management of the college group is based.

ESCG sites
The ESCG sites at Lewes (top) and Eastbourne

The ESCG Eastbourne site involves eight buildings where 21 perimeter doors act as access control points. By way of contrast, the six buildings which comprise the Lewes site require a greater degree of interior control for various reasons. Asset protection makes it appropriate to regulate entry to learning areas and so 60 classroom door entry control points have been installed. International students have exclusive access to residential accommodation and the main campus building, beyond the reception area, is protected by physical barriers in the form of Speedlane entry/exit channels from Automatic Systems.

16,000 users
A contactless access token programmed to grant access to relevant areas is contained within ID cards worn on a lanyard which act as a primary means of visual indication of authorisation. In total the system handles some 16,000 authorised student and staff users across the ESCG.

Colin James at the ESCG Lewes Facilities Department commented:
“The installation of building access control, including the Speedlanes, to the main college entrance has made a significant difference to our level of security and safety. From conception, planning, installation and customer service Choice have delivered. Thanks so much guys for a job well done!”

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