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Bexley First – Local Government HQ

Integrated Access Control, CCTV & Intruder Detection security system

M&E Contractor: Imtech Meica    Main Contractor: Mace

Bexley First front facadeChoice Fire & Security Solutions has provided integrated electronic security (including access control, cctv and intruder protection) at Bexley First, the new local government headquarters of the London Borough of Bexley, based at Bexleyheath.

The premises is an extensive, imaginative £25.6m refurbishment of a 1980s building (the former Woolwich Building Society hq). It was designed to provide flexible working for 1250 council staff and incorporates a flexi-space council chamber. Choice was awarded the contract, following a tender process, by M&E contractor Imtech Meica, under main contractor Mace.

The project drew heavily on Choice’s expertise with PLAN access control technology and centralised system management software, and with Honeywell intruder detection systems.

The PLAN access control component is based on HID proximity ID cards which integrate with other council sites. This site has increased the council’s total council system size by 120 controlled access points, including internal and external doors, ‘speed lane’ pedestrian entrance channels and car park barriers. A Honeywell Dimension intruder alarm system protects interior zones via approximately 80 sensors. A 23-camera cctv system covers exterior perimeter and internal locations. Video entryphones cover the car park entrance, goods in and external entrance doors, with first response at the reception desk and fall-back response at the facilities management office.

Bexley First interiorThe building’s location called for an out-of-office-hours deterrent solution to youths potentially gathering in the vicinity of the entrance doors and bicycle parking area. To this end Choice has installed a timer- and movement-controlled sonic deterrent system. This emits a 16kHz tone that is unpleasant to the ears of under-20s and is inaudible to most over-30s.

The systems have been centrally coordinated by Choice through a PLAN Virtual Control Room software interface which displays on VDUs building floor plan graphics incorporating access control points, intruder alarm locations, click-through to images from relevant cctv camera locations and control of the sonic deterrent system. Alarm information is also forwarded to a remote alarm receiving centre.

Choice completed the Bexley First installation to time and budget in 2014, and, along the way, picked up a Subcontractor Health & Safety Award from Mace.

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