Access Control

Access Control Systems from Choice Fire & Security

Controlling who is welcomed into a building or onto a site – and who isn’t! – with systems and physical barriers is an important part of modern security.

Choice has installed access management – from simple video entry systems to sophisticated, multi-Access control imagefunctional, access control systems – for corporate, commercial/financial institutions, industrial and retail businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK. When appropriate, we can also source and incorporate pedestrian and vehicle barriers as part of a turnkey solution.

Access control systems are security solutions designed to manage (control/record/audit) the movement of people into and around premises. You can choose where individuals are able to gain access and manage user permissions to make sure that access is granted to the right person, to the right areas, at the right times.

Vehicle access barrier imageWe can provide access control systems that use biometrics (such as fingerprint recognition and iris recognition), key fob/tokens or HID and other contact and proximity card reader technologies. Additionally, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a CCTV-based access control solution to manage and monitor vehicles at sites.

Choice is an approved installer for PLAN Access Control Systems. The scalable flexibility of a PLAN system is such that it can be cost effectively used in small applications (with just a few readers and staff), as well as meeting the large-scale needs of an entire organisation, across multiple sites with thousands of readers and tens of thousands of staff.

We are also accredited installers for Aperio online access management, a smart technology from lock specialist ABLOY UK, that enables mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to an existing access control system.

Aperio access management is easily integrated with most existing systems because it has been developed around an open standard.  The Aperio cylinder incorporates a reader and locking mechanism which communicates over an encrypted wireless link to an Aperio hub, normally mounted close to the door. The hub provides real-time interface to the PLAN software. Aperio cylinders are designed to work with Mifare RFID, proximity (contactless) card, technology.

Aperio is a straightforward, easy and convenient way to add more doors to a monitored security system allowing online access control and management, increasing both security and controllability. Aperio effectively eliminates the need for any new wiring of doors, reducing the cost, time and hassle of installation.