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Minimise the hacking risk to your CCTV system – Secure by Default…

Secure by Default logoGovernment’s new CCTV certification scheme

The growing importance and increasing dominance of internet/network-based CCTV security has brought with it the inherent risks to business and personal safety associated with cyber-attacks (hacking) and data theft. These have been illustrated in recent years by a number of high profile cases that have made news headlines.

The UK government’s response, via the office of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, is the creation of Secure by Default. This is a certification process whereby manufacturers of surveillance camera systems and components attest that their products come new, out-of-the-box, configured to meet a set of agreed design standards devised to ensure resilience against cyber security vulnerabilities.

Hikvision, a preferred supplier of Choice – and one of the world’s leading CCTV businesses – has been one of the five lead consultation manufacturers in the creation of the Secure by Default scheme. Hikvision has announced a significant part of its product range is now certified as meeting the 25 requirements set out as the scheme’s initial standard. These cover aspects such as passwords, ports, encryption, remote access, software updating etc.

As such, cameras arrive in a secure configuration. Equally critical, of course, is subsequent installation and support by a competent, industry-certified system designer/installer – such as Choice – to ensure cyber security resilience remains intact through a CCTV system’s configuration process and working life!

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