Choice’s Monitoring Services Partner Rebrands

Yeoman/Scutum Digital logoYeoman becomes Scutum Digital

Choice’s preferred third-party monitoring services partner, Yeoman Monitoring Services, has commenced rebranding its identity and logo to align within its Europe-wide parent business, Scutum Group, under the name Scutum Digital. This transition in no way alters service provision by the Monitoring Centre/ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) facility or Choice customers’ communications regarding security and fire system monitoring services – all contact numbers, logons, passwords etc are unaffected.

Scutum Group is a privately owned Electronic Monitoring, Fire Protection and Safety & Security specialist with subsidiaries throughout Europe. It is highly dedicated to false alarm reduction processes with expertise including predictive security, artificial intelligence and the internet-of-things.

Scutum Digital Monitoring Centres represent the core of the group’s safety and security solutions. The business embodies 30 years experience, 5 monitoring centres, 1500 employees, 20 British and European accreditations and certifications. It oversees 100,000 protected sites.