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Multi-people screening to detect fever – Thermographic CCTV solution

Thermographic cctv screening

Systems can screen employees, students, passengers, visitors…

Thermographic CCTV cameras that can read multiple people’s surface skin temperature in a second to within ±0.3°C accuracy have been harnessed within a simple, rapidly deployed system. This can mass-scan people entering a premises and so provide preliminary detection of those who may be unwell. The benefits for screening of employees, students, passengers, visitors etc in the present circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic are clear. Read more...

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The installation of building access control, including the Speedlanes, to the main college entrance has made a significant difference to our level of security and safety. From conception, planning, installation and customer service Choice have delivered. Thanks so much guys for a job well done!

Colin James, Lewes Facilities Department, East Sussex College Group - secondary & higher education

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